Go ahead,work together

To creat a international Valan, building a great team is the key step, human resource is the most important advantage for competition, insist on human resource priority and continuous investment, achieving the spirit property of our team is responsibility, ambitions,efficiency,a outstanding team must be different

What difference we are?

We are a young group full with passion and dream,strong execution to let us learn faster, brave to face challenge,always be curious to something new,be young but be creative. If you hate to be boiled frogs in warm water, no any progress with many years work experince,try to be member of us.

What goal we own?

We hope to see a very fast and obvious growth amoung our groups, not only judge by rising up sales records, but the proffessional comprehensive work ability, let all the cutomers to have a very pleasant feeling to work with our professional team, be different and be irreplaceable