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Whether you’re a workout fanatic or just an average person, you likely understand the importance of listening to your favorite music. Not only is it entertaining, it’s spiritually lifting and has the ability to bring a lot of motivation.

No matter what genre or style you prefer, everyone can likely agree; having a quality set of headphones is essential. But what are the exact qualities to look out for when selecting a specific set of headphones? Often times; sound quality, comfort, battery life, wireless connectivity and noise isolation are essential traits. This is especially true when looking for a workout-specific model or “earbuds” that boast a minimalist design.

One such make/model that we’ve been receiving a lot of inquiries about are Valan VBH-037 Plating Switch Bluetooth Earphone. They’re a pair of wireless earbuds that seem to be packed with a wide range of features. Now trending on Amazon, we knew we had to take a closer look to see what exactly they’re capable of. We explored their features and set out to see if they make a worthwhile investment for the average fitness-minded individual.


Initial Setup

Since the Valan headphones are wireless, you’re required to pair them to a Bluetooth-enabled device before you can use them. But don’t worry, it’s an easy process. This is achieved by pressing and holding the small “power on/off” button located on the right earbud. Once you do that, you’ll notice the indicator LED emit a blinking red and blue light. This means that the earbuds are actively searching for an available connection. It’s at this time that you’ll need to browse on your device (smartphone, tablet, etc.) for the “U8” connection. Make sure you have Bluetooth enabled in your settings if it doesn’t show up at first. Once you see it, simply tap it and you’re connected.

The nice thing is, this initial configuration process only needs to be performed one time per device. Once you’ve done it, your smartphone or tablet will keep a memory of the headphones you’ve paired to in the past. So next time when you turn them on, all you need to do is put them on.



Once you’ve paired them, it’s time to achieve a proper fit. Earbuds are best when there’s a clean and tight seal, without too much pressure. With the included ear tips, you’ll want to spare a couple extra minutes selecting the right ones that fit most comfortably. While some individuals will be fine with the tips that came pre-installed, you may want to try the others too. There’s three different sizes to choose from – small, medium and large.

Once you’ve selected the right ear tips, place the hooks around the backside of your ears. They keep them in a constant and rigid position so they don’t wiggle around or become loose when exercising or moving around quickly. In addition, each hook is designed according to ergonomics and made from a flexible material that doesn’t seem to cause any pressure points.



Likely the most important aspect of any headphone is the sound quality. It’s no secret that the Valan earbuds are budget-friendly, but don’t be that put off by the price. Surprisingly, we were really impressed with the amount of depth and range they provide. Utilizing an advanced CSR chip and tapping into the near-lossless compression that Bluetooth 4.1 provides, the sound always seems crisp and clear. Even cranking the volume up to its maximum provided great quality. We never once experienced any “tinny” or “crackling” noises, as long as the music track or recording was of a decent bit-rate.

One thing we really loved was the bass. Now don’t expect a massive subwoofer-like depth, but provided these are simple earbuds, we were impressed. Deep tones came off nicely and the addition of a balanced treble seemed to only further compliment the overall experience.

The sound quality leaves little to desire, unless youre used to high-end, over-ear headphones like the Beoplay H4. We wouldnt say to expect the best audio quality, but for small earbuds and their low price-point, we couldnt be happier.

Noise Isolation

Nowadays, most wireless earbuds provide CVC 6.0 noise cancellation, so it’s nice to see Valan include this feature. What is it? It’s a low-cost solution for high-quality noise reduction and echo cancellation. In other words, it knows which background noises to ignore in order to provide you with a much more pleasant listening experience. It might sound a bit gimmicky, but it’s really not. The CVC 6.0 noise cancellation seems to work very well. But more importantly, a proper fit is absolutely essential for it to function properly.


As with any Bluetooth supported earbuds, the internal battery life is a critical factor to consider. The polymer 100mAh battery with Seiko protection board in the bluetooth headphone provides up to 8-10 hours of talk & play time and It charges quickly only need two hours and lasts up to 250 hours of standby time.

Wireless Range

As with any wireless product, the actual range is quite an important factor to consider. Utilizing Bluetooth version 4.1, the earbuds are limited to around 10 meters or 33 feet of range before transmission becomes a problem. In our real-world testing, this distance was limited by a few factors. With a line of sight open between the headphones and your paired device, this estimate is more accurate. However, the moment that you place a solid object, wall or obstruction in-between, the wireless range is lessened. We didn’t find this to be very troubling, though. In most scenarios, you won’t need a full 10 meters of range anyways.


Built into the right earbud is a tiny pinhole that’s actually the internal microphone. This enables you to make phone calls and carry out conversations while you’re working out or on-the-go. Although we can’t say this is a feature we’d likely use all that often, it’s a nice inclusion. Testing out the microphone was simple. We had a couple incoming calls that sounded great, and we tested three outgoing calls just for safe-measure. The outgoing calls seemed equally well without any distortion or overzealous background noises.

Waterproof Design

With IPX7, This design will ensure that you wear them comfortably to get rid of sweat. So you won’t have to worry about wearing them when you are doing strenuous exercise, such as running, jogging, jumping, hiking, cycling etc. 

Final Words

Overall, the VBH-037 seems like a good deal to invest in. If you have any problem, please don't hesitate to contact us by detailing your order number and the problem you come across. We will reply to you and resolve your problem within 24 Hours.

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